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◎About us

In the early days of its establishment, the founder went to Japan to learn technology, and then introduced Japan's best polymer plasticizing raw materials and began to produce heat-resistant plastic related materials. Thus, in 1976, "HONG BUO Industrial Co., Ltd." was officially established.

In response to the market demand in 2005, the machinery was improved and the manufacturing process was reformed. We continued to develop applicable products such as three-layer agricultural film with width of up to 36 meters, spring bed bag film for furniture, food bag film, vacuum bag film, anti-rust bag film for steel... etc. Along with various patents.

In 2011, with nearly 35 years of experience, HONG BUO Industrial Co., Ltd. possessed an unique technology which was not only limited to making bags but also added functional items required by customers, thereby achieving the packaging effects required by customers.

In addition, the heavy-duty conveyor mechanism manufacturing business in China was already established in 2005 with many achievements in the heavy industry, especially the steel industry.

In response to the needs of various customers, "SHOU ZONG Machinery Co., Ltd." was established in 2021 to specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of machinery and equipments. At present, cold shrink film machines and the FIBC automatic packaging systems are the main products developed, and the company has multiple patents and a strong design and development team.

The FIBC packaging machine can handle large FIBC of 500 to 2,000 kilograms, with a packaging capacity of up to 25 to 45 bags per hour, which can greatly increase production capacity and reduce customer costs. And there are multiple pieces of equipment in operation at Formosa Plastics in Taiwan.

Our company is the only professional manufacturer of cold shrink film and cold shrink film machines in Taiwan. We provide one-stop service throughout the entire process, from design and manufacturing to installation, commissioning, and warranty, all of which can be done quickly and reliably.

The self-developed cold shrink film uses a large amount of Formosa Plastics 6C raw material products. It has high elasticity and five-sided covering function, which can greatly improve the dustproof and moisture-proof properties. The high binding force can greatly reduce the shaking of goods and improve transportation safety. The packaging capacity of the cold shrink film machine can be as high as 60 packages per hour, significantly reducing customer costs and improving efficiency.